What Keeps Cinema Alive?

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Indeed, my fickle self is back on Substack and appearing in your various inboxes!

No matter what, movies are a progressive medium. Whether I write reviews from that particular edge or move on to something else, it remains a potentially empathetic and forward-feeling form.

“An invention without a future,” The Lumiere Brothers were quoted as having said about cinema. A novelty, basically. Certainly, elements like 3D make it appear very gimmicky, but I believe very much that film, filmmaking, and moviegoing all have legs. All have more days ahead.

Looking at how we define cinema, where it’s been, and what it is now - through commentary on topical news blasts, information on upcoming events, new styles, and business models, interviews, etc - it is my goal to, every Wednesday, explore just who and what is making the very heart of cinema beat, and learn why some are saying R.I.P. so soon.

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